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Deciding where to invest your money and where you will live is one of the bigger decisions in life. We want to help ease the decision making process. While it may be hard to predict how long you will stay in a home, it is smart to consider the value of the home. We strive to help you find a home that is not just the good option for now, but that might see potential in the long run. We will guide you through the process, trying to make this as easy and pressure free as possible. Our team is built with one main focus in mind: Getting you value for your money. 

Below are some of the home buying steps we will be a part of together.

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Leasing a Home


Pre-approval is an important first step. Lenders will want to check your credit and financial situation. An experienced realtor can help explain the best ways to approach this process. It is a good idea to have this pre-approval completed for many reasons, among them:

1) This will allow you to know upfront what is your purchase capacity.

2) In case of a multiple offer scenario, a seller will be more confident in your ability to back up your offer.



Knowing how much you are pre-approved for is not always the number you want to spend on your home. Home needs analysis involves finding out what you want in a house and the best way to get it. Here is where we make a game plan to make the home search process both efficient and effective. What do you want? What do you need? What is our timeline? What is your showings availability?

Kitchen with Marble Island


Putting the game plan into action! With your needs identified and a clear budget we will come up with property matches to tour. The fun begins. Be ready to find new wants and dislikes in this process, which will help us refine our search. 


This is were it gets exciting! Once we have found your favorite, we will help you consider and prepare an offer. Crafting your offer involves understanding the market, considering contingencies, reviewing sellers disclosures, preparing for inspections, analyzing insurance requirements, among many other things we will be prepared to help you with. Once we've submitted the offer, we wait, prepared for counteroffers or acceptance. Prepared to negotiate, continue our search or CELEBRATE!

Contract Review


Our experience with home renovations comes handy as we prepare to walk you through the inspection process. We'd want to make sure the home is up to expectation, and review how the problems that arise translate into out of pocket costs for you or the seller.


We will be there till the end, explaining what the closing process is like, preparing documentation and the does and don'ts for a successful close. We will be there to celebrate your new home!

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